M. Jeisson A. Higuera (Université de Séville) en mobilité Erasmus+ à l’ENCG de Tanger

My experience Erasmus+ mobility at ENCG Tanger, University Abdelmalek Essaâdi (Morocco)

My name is Jeisson A. Higuera Reina, interim substitute professor at the University of Seville, and thanks to the “Staff Mobility for Training” program, I had the opportunity to participate in an exchange in December at Ecole Nationale de Commerce et de Gestion de Tanger – ENCG Tanger, an institution that belongs to the Abdelmalek Essaâdi University in Tetouan. This exchange would not have been possible without the acceptance mobility provided by the Director Mr. Ahmed MAGHNI, who opened the doors of this prestigious institution to me.

During my Erasmus plus mobility at ENCG Tanger, I found myself immersed in a significant exchange of ideas with Professor Abdeslam CHRAIBI, Vice Director of Research and Cooperation and my colleague Mr. Anass EL GHRASLI, head of Service Research, Partnership and Training at the ENCG Tanger.  Our conversations covered a wide range of topics, from the study models in Morocco and Spain to the subtleties of our respective cultures. We discussed how our educational systems have developed and evolved over time, and how each reflects the needs and values of our societies. We talked about the value of family in our cultures, and how this value manifests itself in our daily lives and in our educational institutions. We also explored the differences and similarities in our mindsets. Each culture has its own way of seeing the world, and these unique perspectives can enrich our understanding and appreciation of human diversity. We talked about how these cultural differences can influence our ways of approaching teaching, learning, and life in general, respecting and giving the value it deserves to interculturality. During my Erasmus plus mobility, we focussed the discussions about the possibilities of conducting future exchanges and expanding the options so that not only students from ENCG Tanger, but also professors and staff, can come to the University of Seville to carry out exchanges there.

During my stay, I had the opportunity to explore the city of Tangier and the ENCG campus. The hospitality of the Moroccan people is palpable, both at the university and in restaurants and on the street. I had the opportunity to try the Tajine of fish, a local delicacy, thanks to an invitation from the school. Each day was a new adventure, full of discoveries and enriching experiences. The rich history and culture of Tangier, its vibrant urban life, and the warmth of its people once again left a lasting impression on me.

This exchange allowed me to develop a new perspective on education and culture. It was an opportunity to discover the Moroccan university system and compare it with the European one. I learned about the administrative and support structures, the composition of its university community, and how agreements work. I could also see what we could do to strengthen the link between our universities and which areas of the ENCG – Tanger would be interested in being promoted through the University of Seville.

At the end of my trip, I realized that this exchange not only benefited me, but could also benefit other members of the University of Seville and anyone considering an exchange with the ENCG Tanger. In summary, I would recommend this exchange to anyone who has the opportunity to establish a link with the ENCG Tanger. It is an experience that not only enriches you professionally, but also allows you to grow personally and opens you up to new perspectives and opportunities.