ESD Tangier Conference 2022: “Post Covid Economy in Africa and emerging countries” Tangier, 23 th and 24th may 2022


The National School of Business and Management of Tangier (ENCG-T) was very delighted to hold the 82nd International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development (ESD), in collaboration with Varazdin Development and Entrepreneurship Agency as well as University North (Croatia). The International symposium took place the May 23 and 24, 2022 to debate a current topic: “Post Covid Economy in Africa and emerging countries”.  

This conference was opened by Prof. Ahmed MAGHNI, Director of ENCG-T and the scientific president of ESD Tangier 2022. Then the organizing committee president, Prof. Domagoj CINGULA, have presented the programme and the aims of the current conference.  

The plenary session was launched with a distinguished attendance of panelists from several nationalities who are expressed very fruitful interventions:  Mr. Pierre JACQUEMOT, Professor at Sciences Po Paris and Former Ambassador (France); Mr. Andreja HABJAN, Prof. at Faculty for Transport and Logistics of Ljubljana (Slovenia); Ms. Ana LORGA Lusofona, Prof. at University of Lisbon (Portugal); Mr. Petar KURECIC, Prof. at University NORTH (Croatia), and last but not least, Mr. Tomasz STUDZIENIECKI, Prof. at Gdynia Maritime University (Poland).

The first plenary session was followed by different parallel sessions that aimed to tackle related topics through the submitted communications where the debates, the contributions, the reflections were all of a great use.

The excellent news is that the conference proceedings were be published immediately 48 hours after this scientific event, which is really a first.

The ESD-Tangier 2022 proceedings can be consulted in the book PDF below. 


Tangier: May 28, 2022