The Students' Office (BDE)


The BDE refers to the office voted annually by students to represent them to the school’s stakeholders. Affiliated with the school, this office is primarily an intermediary voice to facilitate communication and information sharing.

The team wishing to run for this office is required to present an action plan that will be the subject of an election campaign.

This will be followed by a first-past-the-post election and a long year of work, renewable if desired by the students of the school after satisfaction with the results obtained by the office.

The school would like to thank all the offices for their commendable efforts. Only together can we shine!

L’ENCG Tanger est un établissement d’enseignement supérieur public qui a pour mission de former les lauréats aux métiers du commerce et de gestion.


Route de l’aéroport, B.P 1255,
90000 Tanger, Maroc

Service formation continue

Tél. +212 (0) 539 313 489

Standard de l’ENCGT

Tél. +212 (0) 539 313 4 87
Tél. +212 (0) 539 313 4 88