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The Doctoral training in “Economics and management sciences” of the Doctoral Studies Center adopts a transversal approach in both the field of training and that of research. It brings together several fields and major axes: management, economics, political economy, finance, auditing, marketing, management control, industrial management, microeconomics, econometrics as well as New Information and Communications Technology NICT.

The list presented below provides a selection of themes meeting the criteria of originality based in particular on research already carried out in Morocco, and focusing on professional opportunities in particular, as well as feasibility at the level of data collection.

This doctoral training offers candidates applied research and action research themes in the evolving fields of organizational management, economics and sustainable development.

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L’ENCG Tanger est un établissement d’enseignement supérieur public qui a pour mission de former les lauréats aux métiers du commerce et de gestion.


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